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We host Online Social Media Training Courses to help business owners Worldwide grow their businesses.

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The training can be attended from anywhere globally through your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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Associate Professor

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    Group School

    We offer group online classes. By doing this we have drastically made it very affordable for many businesses to attend training. Our Group School rates start at $14.50 an hour.Group School has become a great business Networking avenue where business owners meet and introduce themselves and their businesses within 5 minutes before the training starts.

    Social Media Management

    We promote and champion empowerment of business owners to be trained and learn how to grow their businesses.But in the event that none of the above is possible, we definitely take over and refer out Social Media Management for this business to an Independent Social Media Manager.

    The guidelines

    We do not interpret the Law or the Social Media community guidelines. But we certainly point business owners to the right places where they can find these guidleines. Each country that we operate and offer training has different online marketing guidelines and we have made it our business to familiarize ourselves with them all.

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    Those who use the lessons we teach see great business growth in a short amount of time. However, no Income is guaranteed because success depends on each individual's activity, speed and implementation of the knowledge learned.

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